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03 March 2009, 10:24AM

FOR many turning 50 is dreaded and feared,
for others it is the chance to celebrate and do something worthwhile. As the
world’s biggest beauty brand – Avon – turns 50, it has sensibly taken the
latter approach, enlisting the help of British Designer Betty Jackson to
create lapel pin in aid of breast cancer.

“Breast cancer is a huge issue for women
and many people I know have been affected in some way by the disease,”
Jackson told VOGUE.COM. “Like Avon, I work for women and it’s great we’re
making strides together towards empowering women through the Avon Breast Cancer
Crusade campaign.”

As the world’s biggest corporate supporter of
the breast cancer cause, Avon has been involved in fundraising for over 16
years. The annual pin, launched in 1992, forms a large part of the efforts and
has helped to raise more than £14million for breast cancer over this period.
This year there are two pins; a bespoke luxury white gold and diamond design, retailing
at around £7,500, and a more reasonable sterling silver ribbon – retailing at

“I designed both pins to reflect my
style – contemporary, elegant and very wearable,” Jackson revealed.
“Whether you choose to splash out on the diamond pin, or opt for the smart
silver version, every penny will go to a fantastic cause.”

The pins are available from


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